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Telpo Donated Epidemic Prevention Medical Supplies To Overseas Countries


Recently, overseas epidemic has taken on an unexpectedly explosive trend. Telpo has pay close attention to the overseas epidemic and concerned about the safety of people all over the world. As soon as Telpo knew overseas epidemic prevention medical materials were in short supply, Telpo donated medical protective clothing and N95 medical masks and other medical materials to overseas countries for epidemic prevention and control work.


It is reported that Telpo as China high-tech enterprise and artificial intelligence institution council member has already used its own mature AI technology to develop "contactless temperature measuring + mask detection + facial recognition" solution. This solution has assisted local governments to do a good job in defense control and monitor people flow through cloud data, which effectively reduce virus transmission from the source. Telpo treated AI technology as weapon and actively joined in the war fighting against virus, and become a solid technology power behind the epidemic.

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Sunny, Telpo international business department general manager said, Telpo contactless face recognition temperature measurement solution can satisfy rapid identification and sign high fever personnel, locking and identify special personnel and automatic alarm and so on scenarios requirements. Besides, it can replace manual temperature measurement and personnel information checking for all-day monitoring, and achieve intelligent personnel management, information judgment, data upload and other functions. Telpo solution can not only reduce cross-infection risk , but also improve traffic efficiency by more than 10 times, shorten personnel contact time and protect the life and health of social citizens. 

Up to now, Telpo face recognition temperature measurement solution has been applied in customs, governments, enterprises, schools, communities, airports, railway stations and other crowded public places.

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Epidemic is command, prevention and control is responsibility. The new pneumonia has become a global war, and no country is an island when facing it. China's experience in prevention and control has been recognized by the world. Telpo is willing to share China's experience in fighting the epidemic with the world, and continue to exert Telpo AI technology strength in the prevention and control campaign, working with the people of the world to jointly fight the epidemic and tide over the difficulties.


Telpo stands with China and the world. Fighting against virus, Telpo is ready! As long as people around the world work together, we will overcome this sudden outbreak and usher in the warm spring after the cold winter. Come on China! Come on world! Telpo will be with you to tide over the difficulties.

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