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Telpo Develops Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Solution For Disease Prevention and Control


Currently, novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP, also known as 2019-nCoV) becomes a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), the confirmed case has appeared successively in China, Japan, Korea, France and other counties around the world.Real-time contactless temperature measurement Face recognition terminal  

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Based on current measures for disease prevention and control, Telpo has developed a face recognition temperature measurement solution. In virtue of infrared camera, face recognition terminal, infrared thermography algorithm, and Telpo Cloud data platform, Telpo face recognition temperature measurement solution can achieve face recognition, infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, NFC card recognition, big data statistical analysis functions, realizing personnel recognition and temperature detection.Real-time contactless temperature measurement Face recognition terminal  


Solution Highlight 

1. Infrared thermography with small errorThe infrared thermal imaging temperature measure terminal supports contactless temperature measurement between 0.7m-1m, and temperature measurement error is controlled within 0.3℃. The screen will display temperature in real-time with alarm mode, and the terminal can work continuously for 24 hours.

2. Efficient recognition and fast passageTelpo faces recognition terminal adopts dual-lens camera and liveness detection function, with up to 99.5% face recognition accuracy enable quickly and accurately identifies personnel and improve the passage efficiency.

contactless temperature measurement Face recognition terminal for disease prevention and control3. Unify data and timely reports. Telpo Cloud platform supports unify manage multiple terminal devices and personnel information data which uploaded to the background server in real-time by the network. Administrators can real-time check and monitor relevant data, timely reports the abnormal situations. 

4. Multiple verifications to improve efficiency. NFC cards and face recognition are allowed to verify personnel identity. 

5. Batch management and intuitive analysis. Personnel information can be batch imported as Telpo face recognition terminal background can hold 10,000 + facial pictures. And Telpo Cloud platform can display various types of statistics and analysis diagrams, making it convenient and intuitive to understand and export personnel registration and verification information data with a click. 

6. Support masks detection. Personnel can be recognized with high accuracy even wear a mask through optimize and upgrade models.

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Key Function 说明: 25670898_194903928089_2 

Visual interactive interface: Traffic density analysis, data record, and statistics

说明: 786359c4caae8f6abd8dde9bc168cadfPersonnel authorization management: The administrator can monitor the abnormal situation in real-time说明: e3018b0ed00a955264f591c942f436e9

Real-time temperature presentation: Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, real-time temperature display

说明: ad6e5a665374843f6f8aa1396080d03dOnline upgrade service: Telpo Cloud platform provides remote equipment management and upgrades service 

Application scenes 

It is suitable for customs, hospitals, subway stations, bus stations, airports, shopping malls, companies, factories, schools and other public places with heavy human traffic for rapid temperature checking.

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